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Boost Your Medical & Cosmetic Business with Aesthetic Equipment Financing

Aesthetic equipment financing is an excellent option for business owners in the medical and cosmetic industry who want to upgrade their equipment or purchase new equipment.

By understanding the benefits, eligibility requirements, types of financing, and application process, business owners can make an informed decision and choose the best financing option for their business.

Benefits of Aesthetic Equipment Financing

Aesthetic equipment financing offers several benefits, including:

  • It enables business owners to invest in new equipment or upgrade existing equipment without having to pay the full amount upfront.
  • It helps business owners improve their services and attract new customers, leading to increased revenue and profits.
  • It allows business owners to preserve their working capital, which can be used for other essential expenses such as payroll, rent, and marketing.
  • It provides predictable payments, making it easier for business owners to manage their cash flow and budgeting.

Why Equipment Financing or Lease?

Almost 80% of businesses in the United States lease finance at least one piece of equipment. With the exorbitant cost of equipment, leasing makes excellent sense in a variety of situations and is an excellent way to avoid large cash expenditures and hefty down payments.

Our equipment leasing programs at Astrum Capital allow you to finance 100% of the purchase price. There is no need to make large down payments. Our financing programs also account for and allocate funds for soft costs such as shipping, installation, and training.

By leasing and financing you can:

  • Improve Cash Flow
  • Improve Budget Planning by Conserving Capital
  • Personal credit should only be used for personal purposes.
  • Allow new equipment to generate income and eventually pay for itself.

Equipment Financing or Lease vs Commercial Loan

Financing or Lease
Commercial Loan
No effect on personal credit Shows as debt on personal credit
Saves cash reserves for business needs Uses cash reserves as down payment
Tax advantages (consult your accountant) Tax advantages (consult your accountant)
Fixed interest rate and payments Variable rates will increase payment
Can include soft costs like shipping and software Hard assets only
Application only approval on most transactions (upto $150k) Often Long approval process

Medical Lasers & Aesthetic Equipment Financing with Astrum Capital

Getting financing for medical lasers and aesthetic equipment is one of the best ways to get the equipment you need at a reasonable price. We can provide financing for medical lasers for use in a healthcare facility or aesthetic laser technology through leasing that includes everything you need.

The Differences Between Medical vs. Aesthetic Laser Equipment

Aesthetic lasers, also known as non-medical lasers, are a type of laser that is used to improve an individual’s appearance rather than to perform surgeries. These lasers could be used to remove unwanted tissue such as hair, cellulite, or tattoos.

Medical lasers, on the other hand, are powerful pieces of equipment designed to improve the accuracy, precision, and effectiveness of surgeries where other tools are ineffective and precise. Because of their procedural nature in aiding in the diagnosis and treatment of patients, these lasers are typically easier to obtain funding for.

Astrum Capital, on the other hand, can provide the funding required for either medical or non-medical lasers, ranging from surgical lasers to tattoo removal equipment and much more.

How to Get Medical Laser & Aesthetic Equipment Financing With Astrum Capital

Our application procedure is simple. Simply complete our brief online application to begin the process of obtaining funding for your business. Our knowledgeable finance professionals are here to help you obtain a quick and easy finacing loan.

There are several factors to consider when looking for laser financing, whether for medical or non-medical lasers. 

If you have any questions, kindly contact us today.

Popular Types of Laser Equipment to Finance

  1. Acne Laser Treatments: Lasers, in conjunction with other acne treatments, are an effective option for removing acne from the face, neck, shoulders, and other trouble spots. Doctors can spend less time treating individual patients with laser acne treatments, while patients can enjoy shorter, less frequent, but ultimately more effective acne treatments.
  2. Laser Hair Removal: Another treatment that makes use of aesthetic laser equipment is hair removal. Laser hair removal is ideal because it is one of the few completely non-invasive treatments available, employing laser light to target and destroy cells responsible for hair growth while causing no harm to the surrounding skin.
  3. Laser Tattoo Removal: Many people who get tattoos eventually want to get them removed, and laser tattoo removal equipment can make the process simple. The process can take weeks and multiple treatments to complete, but it is one of the only ways to remove unwanted permanent tattoos.
  4. Pain Relief Laser Treatments: Lasers can also be used to relieve pain and promote healing by increasing blood flow. From joint and minor muscle pain to stiffness, sprains, and spasms, laser pain relief treatments can help many patients suffering from arthritis and other issues causing muscle or joint pain.
  5. Laser Skin Resurfacing: Many people have fractionated skin, but aesthetic laser skin resurfacing treatments are one of the most non-invasive and effective treatments for patients of all types.

These are just a few of the many types of equipment that Astrum Capital can finance!

Benefits of Financing for Laser Equipment

At Astrum Capital, we can structure financing deals so that you have control over how you complete your repayment and whether or not you keep the equipment.

Credit requirements for businesses include:
  • Business license or active business entity with the secretary of state.
  • Personal guarantees required from all owners.
  • Minimum 680 credit score.
  • No bankruptcies in the last 10 years.
  • No unresolved tax liens.

If you meet all of the requirements and need sufficient funding for your business, Astrum Capital is here to help. Simply apply, and we’ll provide same-day approval to get you on your way to aesthetic and medical equipment financing based on your company’s specific needs.